Dear Students & Parents!

Welcome to the LAPS Canal View Campus! Our commitment is to provide a safe and positive learning environment that will empower our students to become creative problem solvers, responsible citizens and of course good Muslims who will be well prepared for the challenges of twenty-first century.

We believe that education is so much more than merely text books and academic. It is a multifaceted learning process supported and driven by discovery, curiosity, imagination and manifestation of the acquired knowledge. All students of LAPS Canal View Campus are nurtured to explore and cultivate their aptitude, interests and skills. The vision of our Campus is to expand this ethos to include all people associated with the institution so as to create a ‘Learning Community’.

Dear Parents, please make time for your child’s growth. I encourage you all to keep in touch with your child’s teacher and establish a successful home-school connection.  Your cooperation is essential for your child’s continuous success.

I am honored to serve as a Principal of LAPS Canal View Campus.