Reviewer remarks and exactly how to react. Reviewer: The English is certainly not adequate for book

Reviewer remarks and exactly how to react. Reviewer: The English is certainly not adequate for book

Author: a number of the reviewer’s comments were therefore defectively written, how do he be considered a judge that is good of!

  • It is true that numerous reviewers would not have English as their very very very first language. Maybe they discovered your English had been tough to realize, or simply they certainly were afraid that other reviewers would point this out and felt ashamed should they would not state such a thing in regards to the English language. Some speakers that are non-English it can conserve face when they criticised the language.

Writer: You asked a colleague through the United States to read through your paper in which he stated it was fine!

  • Possibly the English in your paper ended up being okay, but simply not adequate enough for book. Possibly your colleague had been wanting to be good, and failed to desire to state he thought the English ended up being inadequate. Possibly your colleague did want to get n’t stuck aided by the task of re-writing your paper. Maybe he simply didn’t realize your paper and did want to admit n’t it.

Writer: you would imagine the reviewer is judging your English more harshly as it’s from Asia.

  • Many journals run a “blind” peer review, for example. such a thing determining the writer is eliminated before giving for review. Nevertheless, you will find frequently clues inside the paper, such as for example mentions of past magazines, or of Chinese research. Additionally any indigenous English presenter will select through to English that simply will not appear normal to him, whether or not theoretically grammatical – have you figured out any People in america who are able to write perfect Chinese?

List of positive actions

  • Have you figured out a person with exceptional English whom you could ask to give you advice in the English in your paper? Preferably, this would be an individual who knows the subject material of the paper, or at the very least is acquainted with the needs of clinical book.
  • Make use of the solutions of a business like ISE, with a successful background of English language modifying for scientific documents. For more information, e mail us only at

Just how to react:

  • We regret there have been difficulties with the English. The paper happens to be very very carefully revised by [a native English presenter]/[a professional language modifying service] to boost the grammar and readability.

Reviewer: There’s nothing brand new in this paper.

Author: needless to say there clearly was! Didn’t it was read by him properly?

  • Possibly this got lost within the information for the paper whenever it was written by you. Numerous writers get caught up composing their practices and outcomes, with quite a lot of information, but forget to include a conclusion that is strong.
  • Maybe you would not desire to boast a lot of regarding your findings, or believed that it had been apparent that the outcomes revealed a major advance.
  • Maybe you failed to talk about other research in your community, either with it, or you did not want to draw attention to similar work because you assumed the reviewer would be familiar. Perhaps the reviewer thought you had been maybe perhaps perhaps not alert to this research.
  • Perhaps here really isn’t anything new in your quest. For the reason that full situation, it really is not likely getting posted. But clearly there will be something not used to report: a more substantial research team, a method that is different learn populace?

List of positive actions

  • Understand that numerous editors state that the true no. 1 cause for rejecting a paper is simply because it generally does not provide one thing brand brand new. Although many research builds on work done before, no body would like to spend your time reading about research that doesn’t show any such thing brand brand brand new. Consequently it must be made by you clear what exactly is brand brand new regarding the research findings.
  • Go through your paper very very very carefully to determine areas where you might simplify what exactly is brand new.
  • Pay attention that is particular the abstract, conversation and summary (or concluding sentences)
  • Include more information in regards to the implications of one’s research
  • If required, then add increased detail about other research in this area that is subject and exactly how your quest differs with this. Discuss research that is conflicting.

Simple tips to react:

  • Many thanks with this valuable feedback. Our research [is the first to ever show that…]/[confirms the findings of White et al. in a more youthful generation…]/[improves the yield of…]. We now have added a phrase towards the Abstract ( web web page 2 line 5, and paragraph towards the Discussion part ( web web page 15 line that is starting), to simplify this.

Reviewer: highlights a mistake in your paper

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