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All I know is that The Princess Bride is probably one of the most quoted movies of all time. So why not attempt a few hours of escapism by throwing on a cozy pair of sweatpants and cueing up a rom-com instead? Whether you want to cry your way through a box of Kleenex or take comfort in your favorite love stories, you’ll find something worth watching on the list of our favorite romantic comedies, below. Forrest heads to New York City in late 1971 to check on his old friend and commanding officer, Lieutenant Dan. In the tumult, he falls out of his wheelchair, and Lenore obnoxiously laughs at him, calls him a “freak,” and leaves. One day in the early ’60s, a nearly grown Forrest gets chased by a bunch of bullies in a pickup truck, and he’s so fast he manages to outrun them.

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Unfortunately, a family of incompetent thieves are also after the loot, and are not above shoving the hand of one of the little mites into a liquidiser to extort information. And while the pre-pubescents Nfl Betting continually scream, their doting parents prove equally odious in a finale of astounding sentimentality. Crammed with magical horses, terrifying transformations and gigantic genies, ‘The Thief of Baghdad’ made an international star of low-born Indian actor Sabu, aka the Elephant Boy.

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After working with Antonioni, Vitti switched to comedy and worked with director Mario Monicelli on many films. In 1970 she starred with Marcello Mastroianni in Ettore Scola’s highly successful romantic comedy Dramma della gelosia . In 1974 she won the David di Donatello award for Best Actress for her performance in Alberto Sordi’s Polvere di stelle . Throughout her career, Vitti has won five David di Donatello Awards for Best Actress, the Career Golden Globe, and the Venice Film Festival Career Golden Lion Award.

She relates how the previous Monday her husband, Sir Eustace Carmichael, received a blank envelope containing five orange pips while at breakfast. The contents clearly shocked Sir Eustace, who announced that they meant death; however, he quickly pretended they meant nothing, and refused any attempts by his wife to investigate the matter further. Holmes inquires whether Sir Eustace had spend time in America, but Lady Carmichael responds that she did not believe he had. She then recounts how two days later her husband awoke in the night, and was paralyzed with fear after believing he saw the Bride in his garden, saying that she had come for him and that his sins had found him out. Lady Carmichael states that she saw nothing that night, but that early that very morning she had seen her husband go out into the labyrinth on the grounds.

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Pick a city of significance to them—where they met, live, or are getting married in—and its skyline will come to life etched on these wine glasses. They’re sold separately, so you could even gift a few different ones if the couple has several special cities. Veteran actor Jack Warden brought Washington Sentinels owner Edward O’Neil to life.

It would be most soapy for Victoria to marry Ashland on his death bed. Hopefully, that does not happen, as Burgi has been a fine addition to the cast. While she was doing Harry Potter, Walters starred in Calendar Girls and Mamma Mia! After the franchise was over, she joined Robbie Coltrane with a role as the Witch in Brave and on the Hulu show National Treasure, played Mrs. Bird in the Paddington movies and recently starred in Mary Poppins Returns as Ellen. When Dame Maggie Smith started playing Professor Minerva McGonagall in 2001, she was 67 years old and one of the most famous British actresses of her time.

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We’re not telling you to put your favorite fishing lures on the back burner. But sometimes you’ve just got to show those fish something different. To save you some wandering-around time at the tackle shop, here are our picks for the hottest, most innovative, best fishing lures for bass, trout, panfish, walleye, and saltwater fish for the 2021 season.